Analogue to Digital Imaging Transformation

Analogue to Digital Imaging Transformation2023-08-01T10:39:51+02:00
Doctors Reviewing Scans

Over the past three years, MCS has successfully installed diagnostic imaging solutions in seven hospitals in Limpopo Province. These are used for the efficient transfer and storage of a wide range of patient data.

Many medical facilities in the province are situated in rural areas far from major hospitals where experienced staff and resources reside.  MCS’s RIS and PAC solutions enable these facilities to access these skilled resources, who are able to remotely diagnose illnesses using X-rays, MRI and CT scans, mammograms, ultrasound scans and similar imaging tools.

In the past, these images were produced in analogue format and would have to be printed – at expense – and transferred physically to a distant hospital for analysis, diagnosis and storage.

This was a slow and inefficient means of accessing and analysing key patient diagnostic information.

Using PACS and RIS technology licensed from Shina Systems and MedQ , MCS, through a transition from an analogue system, now enables the digital transfer, analysis and storage of patient information.

Specifically, experts at a central location can receive, interpret and store images received from a satellite facility in real time, thus dramatically reducing the time needed for diagnosis.  This in turn dramatically improves patient care.

For patients living far from a large, central hospital, this has speeded up diagnoses and allows for a quicker initiation of treatment, which can be life-changing.

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