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Service backup for sophisticated technical equipment is an essential part of Mamello Clinical Solutions’ offering to its medical clients.

This includes the provision of training in the use of equipment and subsequent handling of technical queries that arise after sale and installation. Such assistance needs to be given by people skilled and able to communicate effectively with end users.

MCS markets a range of state-of-the-art Diagnostic l Imaging Equipment including POC Ultrasound equipment as well as PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) and RIS (Radiology Information System) products.  These are all sourced from leading international original equipment manufacturers. Strategic partnerships mean that we can offer additional equipment including MRI, PET-CT and CT scanners.

The delivery of the necessary technical support is a key MCS deliverable in this market. This is done through MCS’s partnership with Brilliantel, an established ICT integrator and solutions provider.

With offices across South Africa, the company has access to a highly trained team of over 200 people.

With offices across South Africa, MCS has access to a highly trained team of over 200 people. These include contracting technicians, manufacturer-authorised engineers and other technicians servicing Brilliantel’s own clients, and who all provide MCS with skilled service backup.

OEMs require their agents in South Africa to receive specialised training and to strictly follow their technical protocols. For this reason, Brilliantel’s technical experts are accredited by MCS’s suppliers, in particular by SHINA, which supplies PACS and MEDQ, which supplies RIS.

This means that all MCS’ customers have access to Brilliantel’s comprehensive service backup. This is a critical success factor and one which has made MCS among of the most successful suppliers of medical imaging and other equipment to South Africa’s public and private healthcare sectors.

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