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Mamello Clinical Services provides a range of modern diagnostic imaging equipment to both the public and private healthcare sectors in South Africa.

A fine example has been the installation of analogue-to-digital solutions including the efficient transfer and storage of a wide range of patient imaging data to seven regional hospitals in Limpopo Province.

Some of these facilities are situated in rural areas far from major urban hospitals which have the necessary staff training in diagnosing illnesses using this equipment.

This system, however, demands a high level of technical support to facilities that are distant from the central location as well as hospitals that receive, analyse and store the digital data.

MCS understands the need for this support. Rapid response to technical requires an uninterrupted service facility. This is particularly important in remote hospitals where rapid on-site tech support is impractical.

For this reason, MCS has a team of eight to 12 fully trained and dedicated technical experts available on a 24 /7 basis. All the client has to do is contact our call centre or log a call to a dedicated number to get the required assistance.

This means that, no matter where or when a problem arises, one of these technicians is available to MCS clients to sort out any problems enhancing patient service.

The RIS-PACS system provided by Mamelo Clinical solutions is working satisfactorily and complements our services. We have had no issues with undue downtime and workflow is managed seamlessly.

Dr SC Sihlangu, Director, IatroLex

First Line Support

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