The HERO21 ‘germ killer’ robot

The HERO21 ‘germ killer’ robot2023-08-01T10:40:39+02:00
Germ-killer Robot

The HERO21 robot is a revolutionary device, licensed from ICA HEALTH in Germany, and is used to sanitise hospital workspaces both before and after occupation using pioneering ultraviolet-C (UVC) disinfection technology.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are at particular risk of infecting people, be they staff, patients or visitors, and so-called “hospital bugs” are often more lethal and resistant to antibiotics than in other places.   Regular cleansing and elimination of harmful micro- organisms is thus of enormous advantage to everyone involved.

The HERO21, the robot effectively eliminates all harmful micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses, from both the air in the room and all the surfaces using ultraviolet radiation.

The robot utilises intelligent software, controlled through a tablet device, that enables the machine to map the room and navigate the entire space using sensors to eliminate interference with any equipment, devices or furniture in the room.

Given that UV radiation is harmful to people, the room needs to be cleared of all personnel during the cleansing operation, which takes about 10 minutes.

For large spaces, the robot can be programmed to cover one part of the room at a time, thus ensuring that the entire space is rendered germ-free.

Applications are as diverse as operating theatres, private wards, X-ray or MRI facilities, ICU’s, laboratories and hospital meeting rooms.

Polokwane Provincial Hospital has become the first South African healthcare institution to deploy the Hero21 robotic sanitisation system, in a move aimed at improving patient and healthcare worker safety.

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