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Wrangler Surgical Instruments specialises in manufacturing medical tools for performing specific surgical interventions. These instruments are manufactured to achieve the required sharpness and longevity and are designed for comfortable handling with minimal fatigue. Handles are specially crafted for easy rotation, better control and greater precision. Manufactured in both stainless steel and titanium, these devices are available for single-use surgical instruments, dental, ENT, general, microsurgery, microvascular, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, plastic and reconstructive, thoracic and urology surgeries.

Meril Diagnostics delivers clinically. researched diagnostic products with precession and accuracy, and cover the full spectrum of central laboratories, hospital laboratories and home testing. Products include biochemistry test kits, haematology diagnostics, ELISA test kits, PCR instruments, rapid diagnostics and others.

Fuji manufactures a wide range of medical consumables, including healthcare worker caps and masks, VP shunts, catheter mounts, epidural sets and many other regular hospital items.


Nurotron Biotechnology is a medical device company that designs, develops and markets cochlear implant systems. The company’s flagship system is the VenusCochlear Implant System, a safe, reliable and effective solution for children and adults suffering from severe and profound hearing loss.

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